With COVID-19 still ramping, the in-person shopping for Black Friday 2020 will not be the same. Most likely not at all with stores like Best Buy closing for Thanksgiving.

Online shopping, on the other hand, will increase dramatically:

  • The sales will start even earlier
  • The spending will be mostly online
  • Many stores will be closed for Thanksgiving driving people online

You are not ready if your website falls for any of these:

  • Your website uses an outdated theme and technologies
  • Your website loads slow
  • You have a poor mobile device experience
  • Your bounce rate is high
  • No recent security updates made

How can we help?

We are not trying to convince you to update your website just for the sake of updating. Black Friday 2020 season will make or break many businesses. BUT with the right strategy you can win!

We can review your website, provide a report, and the next steps to make sure you are confident in your online presence. All for free!

Vadim Makoyed
Founder/Web Designer

Email: [email protected]
Cell: 971.255.2633