Newspapers are challenged to stay relevant these days. They are trying hard fearing that the younger generation isn’t interested much in reading their printed copies. Many newspapers push their readers online. Less printed copies is less expenses.

Redesigning a website for NW Examiner community newspaper was a unique task because we wanted to make sure the newspaper is more accessible yet without giving an idea that we’re trying to kill the printed version because the majority of the subscribers still enjoys getting a printed copy at their door. This is why we created a website that resembles the printed version very closely.

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A word from NW Examiner Editor and Publisher, Allan Classen:

Vadimages has designed and produced the Northwest Examiner, a community newspaper with a circulation of 36,000, since the beginning of 2014.

Vadimages is clearly the best design firm we have had in our 28 years of publication. They have redesigned the paper in a way that is both subtle and transformative, starting with new typefaces and standardized elements that improve appearance and readability, and moving gradually on bigger innovations. Vadim has also become our primary photographer, which has added to the continuity of message.

Vadimages produces many of the paper’s advertisements. Some have been upgrades of ongoing ads that have greatly enhanced their appeal and effectiveness. We intend to use them more in this area because we believe it will build.

They have also rebuilt our website to mimic the appearance of the print version.

I have grown to trust their judgment in all areas related to design, knowing they have an educated and thoroughly considered idea for each decision.

Vadimages is always upbeat, flexible and pleasant to work with. They meet deadlines.

Allan Classen
Editor & Publisher
NW Examiner

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