How Quickly Should You Respond To Emails?

How many times a day should you check your inbox? How quickly should you respond to emails? What is emailing etiquette? Everyone has their own answers and approaches to these questions. Some say, check your email only once a day, otherwise it’ll become a big distraction. Others simply make sure they reply within 24 hours. Toister Performance Solutions, Inc. posted a nice survey on it. At Vadimages, we found an approach that we value a lot as it has benefited us greatly.

When it comes to answering emails, we do it immediately. For us, all emails have to be answered right away. There are times when it’s crazy busy, or we’re in a meeting, and we can’t do it, but as a general rule, we reply asap. This approach has built a tremendous confidence in us by our potential and current clients alike. It has helped to let the clients know we’re available for them and are responsible. There are more and more people who prefer to converse via emails rather than phones, so responding faster gets the projects going faster.

Some people feel like emails get overwhelming and it takes almost the whole day to shuffle through all of them. It is hard to answer immediately, especially if your team works for you remotely. This is true, it takes some time to get in the pace, but learning to be concise and direct helps to save a lot of your and your client’s time. Here’s the latest response from one of our clients who appreciated our approach to emailing:

We started working with Vadimages in December 2013 with a launch date set for April 2014.  They were recommended to us from a friend who found them on LinkedIn.  Being total novices with Web Design and Online Retail Purchasing, Vadimages was a well-rounded true find. Despite the potential difficulties of working in different time zones, OR vs. NY, Vadimages’ response time was always immediate.  They’re well-versed not only in creative Web Design, but thorough in complete development of an Online Retail Store, advising on Social Media avenues and developing Newsletter eBlasts.  The company provided comprehensive development for all of these areas with foresight to guide us through each stage without a moment of frustration on any level.  In addition to the creative Web Design, Vadimages also provided us with professional photography of our product and post-animated graphics.

Regarding the Retail aspect of our website, Vadimages guided us through this with options for various retail and security platforms to make our website secure and viable.  They also extended themselves to talk directly with our bank and security provider to ensure that all transactions were seamless and secure.

The actual launch, which Vadimages met the set deadline, entailed having the Retail website running seamlessly and sending a Newsletter eBlast that reached nearly 1400 people.  Vadimages customized 3 separate newsletters to reach 3 different groups and they even emailed them out for us as we were apprehensive in faltering on our own at the last crucial moment!

Until the very end of the project, Vadimages was as enthusiastic as we were to launch and always shared the same sense of expediency as we did in launching.  Clearly, we’d recommend Vadimages for any web related project.

– Lani Tarozzi & Rosalyn Musker-Grant Co-Founders of Tandem NY

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