Everyone is getting hit hard. Not much is certain right now. It is crucial to make sure your business does not lose due to Coronavirus, especially online. Here are the things you must consider to avoid a bigger loss.


Make sure your website visitors do not leave confused but stay in the loop.

  1. Include a message on the home page of your website addressing the Covid-19 situation and how it specifically affects your business. Encourage visitors to follow local safety instructions.
  2. If you do not have a database of all your clients/customers in one place, it is crucial to create it NOW.
  3. Develop a series of emails to update your clients on:
      1. Any changes to how you operate right now (meetings, services, sales, shipping)
    1. How you can help by providing special discounts, education, support, etc.
  4. Use this time to build a more meaningful relationship with your visitors, customers, and social media followers.
  5. Update Contact info/Google Places hours and information. Make sure your visitors know you’re open or closed.

Website Performance

While the world is attacked by Coronavirus, your website may be vulnerable to hacks and viruses too. And marketing may be the very thing that keeps you going. Make sure you:

  1. Update the website to the latest version (platform, plugins, extensions, security)
  2. Consider marketing your company to connect with millions at home right now.
  3. Handle bigger traffic by making sure the website loads fast

Here to help

It was never about the money. Especially right now. Schedule a call or email me. I’ll be happy to talk this through and give specific ideas.

Stay safe,

Vadim Makoyed