Every day in the internet world, the attackers find new bugs, ideas, and backdoors for hacking websites. Developers make updates and fixes to prevent issues that would allow the hackers to compromise websites. You can also do that to not get your wordpress website hacked. For preventing your website from being hacked, you should have the actual most current version of your programming language and frameworks/cms/cmf.

Regarding statistics from w3techs.com right now 83% of all websites implemented with using PHP programming language.

WordPress is used for 31% of all the websites. So, we want to focus on those languages and CMS.

Regarding statistics from wordpress.org, about  42% use an outdated WordPress version

Statistics | WordPress.org 2018-07-16 14-08-57

And only 34% use supported PHP version

Statistics | WordPress.org 2018-07-16 14-09-12

And less than 12% use actual PHP version

PHP: Supported Versions 2018-07-16 14-09-28


So, in order to prevent attacks and hacks to your website, we suggest upgrading your hosting to the latest PHP version and update your WordPress site to the latest version as well.

If you have trouble with your current hosting we can help you with our hosting. And if you need some help with updating your WordPress website to the latest version, get in touch with us below.

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