It is WordPress anniversary today! Big boy is 15 years old today! What has started as a simple blogging platform, now has grown to dominate the world wide web. According to Forbes, In 2017 there were 75 million websites created on the WordPress platform. More than 409 million people visit over 23.6 billion WordPress pages every month. In 2018, WordPress grew to power 30% of all the websites on the internet.

WordPress CMS started in 2003 solving the huge need for an easy to use publishing system. It gave a CMS that was simple enough to have almost anyone publish a website without any coding skills. One doesn’t have to be technically savvy to do something awesome. Progressing over time with the support from developers around the world, WordPress began to be used in more customized ways. There is a lot of room for creativity and custom solutions and we love to take advantage of it all.

WordPress runs with 4 essential freedoms:

  1. To run the program for any purpose.
  2. To study how the program works and change it to make it do what you wish.
  3. To redistribute.
  4. To distribute copies of your modified versions to others


This is truly amazing and because of these freedoms, as a website development agency, we are able to develop amazing websites for the most unique and out of the box ideas that some of our clients have. In addition to that, it saves a big buck for the clients with those crazy ideas because we don’t have to build everything from scratch when we don’t have to. Whenever we are approached to quote a website development project, we give options to make sure the client can make an educated decision regardless if the client has a budget enough for a custom solution. Many times, WordPress can handle even the most “out of the box” ideas and we don’t want our potential clients to be out of the know.

Celebrating WordPress anniversary we can’t help but dream about what the next 15 years will bring. We’ve been using its CMS platform for over 10 years now and are looking forward to so many more.

Happy anniversary, WordPress! Be you and stay that way :)

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