It looks like Yii framework version is on the finish line now.

You can see actual repo here.

Full list of changes:

  • PHP requirements were raised to 7.1. Make sure your code is updated accordingly.
  • Yii switches to semver since 3.0.
  • Framework GitHub repository and Packagist package are renamed and split into parts:
  • More PSR compatibility.
  • Framework core requires only virtual PSR implementation packages, you are free to choose your logger and cache implementations. More PSR implementations compatibility is expected later.
  • Dropped Yii own class autoloader in favor of the one provided with Composer.
  • Removed ServiceLocator from Application and Module, DI container is used instead.
  • All the configuration made explicit in config folders of all the packages and recommended to be used with composer-config-plugin.
  • yii\base\Configurable interface and logic are removed in favour of DI and yii\di\Initiable interface.
  • No advanced app anymore. Basic application became [yii-app].
  • Application nesting is allowed due to explicit configuration and composer-config-plugin.

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