The first beta release of Laravel framework was presented to the world on June 9, 2011. Taylor Otwell created this framework as an alternative to CodeIgniter because it did not contain the need functions from scratch. The first release doesn’t support MVC architecture.

So, the next release that was on September 2011 fixed this issue and Laravel become the true support MVC.

On February 2012, Laravel 3 was released with a few key features: command line interface, database migrations, and bundles.

Laravel 4 was released May 2013. This release contained major changes because the framework was rewritten from scratch using the experience gathered before. The biggest changes were: installation through a composer, serving as application-package, database seeding, and message queue.

Laravel 5 was released February 2015. In this release they changed the numeration logic. For now, the major release still is 5 with a “sub” release of version 5.6) The key features in this release: scheduled task, the abstraction for file system usage, Elixir for assets and new project directory structure.

Laravel proc:

  • installation via composer
  • fast ORM
  • flexible configuration with light extending
  • blade template engine
  • command line interface
  • good documentation


Laravel cons:

  • laravel 5 is a newer framework compared to others, so you can find less existing solution for your cases
  • not all files use namespaces

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