We’re always told to never judge a book by its cover, but that message hasn’t sunk in for most web consumers. When we surf the web, jumping from website to website, well-made web design is often what catches our attention and keeps us at one site instead of another. At Vadimages, we understand the importance of a creative, eye-catching image: more sales and better traffic. But the sheer number of firms offering digital products and services is dizzying, and selecting the right one to execute your web design project can be taxing. That is why Vadimages evolved into a one-stop shop, offering a wide range of services, from design and development to e-commerce and branding.

We’re excited that the work our team has accomplished with our fantastic clients has not gone unnoticed. The B2B ratings and review site, Clutch, ranks businesses based on a proprietary algorithm. Their research takes into account data, case studies, and most importantly, client reviews.  Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch provides businesses and customers with reliable information about a wide range of businesses, helping to ensure that buyers are well informed before closing the deal.

Top Portland Web Development Agency 2018. Ranked by Clutch. Top Portland Web Design Agency 2018. Ranked by Clutch. Top Portland E-Commerce Development Agency 2018. Ranked by Clutch. Top Portland Branding Agency 2018. Ranked by Clutch.

Thanks to our clients, Vadimages has been ranked as one of the top Portland web development and web design companies! As part of their evaluation, Clutch uses customer reviews to have a real window into what a collaboration with a given company would look like. We have always had excellent customers, and we’re grateful to them for taking the time to diligently convey their experiences to Clutch.

This recognition is our badge that backs up the hard work for over 10 years now. When we say we are good at something, we mean it and Clutch just proved our point. Our team deserves this and we can’t wait to do more and even better next year.  – Vadim Makoyed, Vadimages Founder


Lani Tarozzi, owner of Tandem New York, commented on customer-oriented code of conduct at Vadimages:

“Something I’m always a stickler about is people getting back to me in a timely fashion. It feels like you send emails out and they go into cyberspace, that just never happens with him, it’s like we were in the same office. There were never any surprises, nothing with pricing and there was never a time he promised a date and didn’t follow through.”

The director of a Cuban graphic design website described a common Vadimages experience:

“They met my needs. They responded promptly when I wanted to change things. I’ve been very happy working with them.” We are always happy to work with our clients, and make sure prioritize the client’s vision.


In the past 10 years, Vadimages has completed hundreds of projects, reimagining web design and maintaining excellent customer service. Our diverse range of work spans numerous industries and platforms–the constant thread throughout is care for the customer. With our recent reviews on Clutch, we look forward to continuing to improve and refine our approach!

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