Bigger Release Than Any Other Recent Updates

WordPress is always evolving and important updates come out at least twice a year. In the previous versions, we have seen smaller steps like widget, security, customizer updates. WordPress 5.0 is a much bigger update than the previous ones and presents major advancements.

What’s New In WordPress 5.0

  • Improved Site-Building Functionality. This will make it easier for users to create websites and different landing pages. It brings more competition to the hosted website builders. The users will have more flexibility to make the page look the way you envision it.
  • Easier Way To Build Custom Themes. Usually, you need some development experience to create or customize a WordPress website. Now, with Gutenberg, it will be much easier using blocks. Think of it as an advanced Lego game for websites.
  • Less Clutter With Less Page Builder Plugins. You will not have as much need for different plugins to help you build the page. This will be more of a gradual experience. Some will still be very important, but not as much as now.
  • Easier Way To Build Applications Using WordPress. WordPress Rest API helps to develop enhanced products by making it easier to pull and send data from your website. WordPress can now be an easier framework for building applications.
  • Gutenberg Editor. This editor will make it so much more easy to design and develop different kinds of web pages. This is a completely new editing experience compared to the current WordPress editor. You will be able to choose to upgrade to Gutenberg or stick to the classic version.


There is no specific launch date available but we are expecting it to be later in 2018. Stay tuned…

If you would like to update your website to WordPress 5.0 when it comes out, email us and we will schedule your website for an upgrade.

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